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DBS Funds

Desyfin renewed an exclusive contract in 2015 with the Development Banking System (DBS) for operating its Leasing Line for ¢2,500 million. These resources will be destined for Costa Rican SMEs.

Thanks to our new contract conditions small to medium-sized businesses can qualify for financing for up to ¢130 million colones for purchasing capital assets (leasing), as industrial and agricultural machinery, electronic and construction equipment, biological assets, transportation vehicles and other assets necessary for the scientific and technologic development or needed for improving the business’s competitiveness and strength.

Desyfin offers 10% minimum down payments and terms up to seven years with competitive interest rates. Interested parties must comply with the requirements set forth in Law 8634, its Regulation and the General Credit Regulation of the DBS, having more than one year in operation and to be registered in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC).

“The development and strengthening of micro, small and medium-sized businesses in the Costa Rican market often depends in their access to financing. For this reason Desyfin hand-in-hand with the DBS, offers national entrepreneurs its services and products to support their businesses.”