$ Buy : 574.00 • Sell : 587.00
BCCR: 576.71 • 583.86
800-1020-300 800-1020-300

Desyfin invites you to enjoy the privileges and benefits of our Desyfin Sapphire MasterCard, free of all annual or membership fees with the following additional benefits:

  • Customer care line through our Contact Center at: 800-1020-300 or by email to: servicioalcliente@desyfin.fi.cr
  • No commission charges for purchases abroad
  • Payment through our online Desyfin transactional platform (desyfin.fi.cr), Desyfin mobile (iOS and Android) and through SINPE
  • Earn miles for every dollar spent in purchases which can be redeemed through our Virtual Mall ( https://malldesyfin.com ).
  • Additional cards free of charge
  • Online control of purchases made with our credit cards for improved security
  • Program and assistance from the MasterCard brand
  • Extra financing approved upon receiving the card with different terms
  • Free fraud protection in the event of loss or theft, up to 100% of the approved coverage limit

The card is accepted in any business or ATM that accepts MasterCard, domestically and internationally.

Credit Card Miles – Terms and Conditions:

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Requirements for Legal Persons:

  • Articles of incorporation (with shareholding)
  • Recent public utility bill (water, power or telephone).
  • Financial statements (two previous fiscal years and a recent fiscal year to date– not older than three months).
  • A copy of the company’s legal representative’s personal identification, legible and valid.

Requirements for Natural Persons:

  • A copy of your personal identification, legible and valid.
  • Recent public utility bill (water, power or telephone).
  • Employees: employer certification, and salary certificate.
  • Independent professionals: CPA income certification and six months of bank statements.