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Our customers come first.

We are a sister company of Financiera Desyfin, founded in the year 2002 according to the new insurance trading model established by the National Insurance Institute.

Our team of professionals provides a fast and personalized service with a solid platform in order to respond efficiently to different insurance needs.

In Desyfin we work every day to provide integral and different services that surpass your expectations and provide complete satisfaction through personalized service.

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Service and Benefits

Our objective is to provide you with proper protection for your loved ones as well as your assets through agile and efficient service, offering advice in all our insurance plans.

Our experience in insurance allows us to support you in the process of identifying needs, risk management and claims.

This is why we work every day to provide integral and differentiated services that exceed your expectations.

  • Personalized attention for claims before the National Insurance Institute, as well as inspections and collection
  • Direct assistance with claims
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Training in all insurance plans
  • Call center and collection service
Insurance for natural persons

Covers damages you may inflict on other persons or personal property, as well as your own vehicle caused by collision, theft, robbery, vandalism, acts of nature, medical expenses caused by accident, among others.

  • 45% discount for new customers from National Insurance Institute
  • Road assistance according to the vehicle’s age
  • Information on product updates
  • Biannual, trimestral and monthly payments, with salary deductions

Unfortunately nobody is safe from the possibility of a fire affecting their home, business, company or merchandise.

Desyfin provides you with the possibility of acquiring the necessary coverage thanks to the following plans:

Hogar seguro 2000 and Hogar comprensivo (Safe Home 2000 and Comprehensive Home).

  • This insurance plan covers against risks of earthquakes, flooding, landslides and even damages caused by airplanes, trees, antennae and damages caused by rain and spills.
  • It can be acquired in colones or dollars.

Payment form: annual, biannual, trimestral, salary deduction (for employees whose employer has a deduction agreement with the National Insurance Institute).


The life insurance covers:

Natural death, accidental death, funeral expenses, total or permanent disability (only applies for accidents)

Product Overview

Ages for subscribing: 18 to 65 years of age. The insured individual is covered up until 65 years of age and 365 days.

Absolute Requirement

To not suffer or not having suffered from any of the following diseases:

  • Heart conditions due to high blood pressure
  • Myocardial Infarction
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Chronic bronchitis or emphysema
  • Malignant tumor or cancer
  • AIDS
  • Infections caused by AIDS virus
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Liver cirrhosis

Global Life Insurance

  • Invest in your peace of mind and the financial stability of your family.
  • Combine protection with savings.
  • Sold in dollars or colones.


  • Pays the contracted amount
  • Dismemberment or vision loss
  • Waiver of payment of premiums in the event of a permanent disability

INS MEDICAL – Medical Expense Insurance

Regional and International Medical Insurance

Your health and your family’s is the basis of your goals

  • Applies nationwide and internationally
  • Insurance amount $200,000 or $2,000,000 annually
  • Sickness and accident coverage

We have a global network of affiliates


Our travel insurance allows you to travel with peace of mind, whether traveling abroad or in the national territory. Relax during your trip knowing you are protected against any event with our insurance.

Our travel insurance covers from medical expenses to disabilities including death.

Business Insurance

It is very important to insure your goods, which gives you peace of mind when transporting from one place to another.

At Desyfin we offer different products so you can choose the one that best suits your insurance needs.


All workers are subject to hazards. For this reason all workers in Costa Rica should be duly insured with the Occupational Risk Insurance.

This insurance covers employers against work accidents and diseases that may affect their collaborators.

Provides medical, surgical, hospital and pharmaceutical assistance as well as rehabilitation. Also indemnifications for death and temporary and permanent disability are granted.

  • Provides coverage to all types of electronic installations, gear and equipment
  • Covers medical equipment
  • Covers telecommunication installations
  • Can be subscribed in colones or dollars
  • Covers machinery and ground equipment
  • Covers equipment destined for forestry, agriculture, mining, and construction among others

Support for developing your operations

  • Commercial and industrial businesses as well as individuals that carry out commercial activities
  • Covers liabilities regarding physical integrity or property damage
  • Can be subscribed in colones or dollars
  • Coverage according to the customer’s needs
Other Insurance

Other Insurance

  • Comprehensive home for residences
  • Basic coverage for accidents
  • Theft insurance for stores
  • Travel insurance with assistance
  • Vida Temporal Plus (Temporary Life Insurance Plus)
  • Funeral expenses
  • Business fire insurance
  • Vessel insurance
  • Fidelity
  • Electronic equipment full coverage
  • Student insurance
  • Home work accident insurance
  • Machinery breakdown insurance
  • Fire complete coverage

Requirements for Legal Persons:

  • Articles of incorporation (with shareholding)
  • Recent public utility bill (water, power or telephone).
  • Financial statements (two previous fiscal years and a recent fiscal year to date– not older than three months).
  • A copy of the company’s legal representative’s personal identification, legible and valid.

Requirements for Natural Persons:

  • A copy of your personal identification, legible and valid.
  • Recent public utility bill (water, power or telephone).
  • Employees: employer certification, and salary certificate.
  • Independent professionals: CPA income certification and six months of bank statements.